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Balloon Expedition

Contact ul. Ubocze 300
59-620 Gryfów Śląski
E-mail: kontakt@wyprawabalonem.pl
Telefon: +48 600 310 310


Ubocze 300, 59-620 Gryfów Śląski


Balloon Expedition - hot-air balloon flights throughout Poland (including flights overlooking the beautiful Karkonosze Mountains). BALLOON EXPEDITION is a company that guarantees unforgettable memories for both individual clients and companies. It is made up of a team of experienced and smoothly cooperating people who are passionate about what they are doing. Ballooning is an extreme sport - solid knowledge and many years of experience of the pilots are necessary to fly safely in a balloon. They employ the best, i.e.:
Jacek Barski, a pilot with over 25 years of experience in the skies – a licensed instructor and a pilot examiner.
Beata Choma - winner of the Women's World Balloon Cup (2010), the Women's European Championship (2017) and the Polish Women's Balloon Championship (2010,2011)

Jaroslaw Barnaś - a pilot, who has gathered his experience in very demanding Arctic conditions on Spitzbergen.

In one sentence, a sensational team of pilots improving their skills by performing hundreds of balloon flights. Thanks to the experience gained while working with the most demanding customers, the BALLOON EXPEDITION team is able to meet the highest expectations. What is important, it is a fully certified company. It has the AOC Certificate no. PL-047 which entitles it to perform commercial passenger flights.
As the only one in Poland, they have also taken care of people with reduced mobility. For this purpose, special baskets with glass doors, seat belts, a special panoramic window and aircraft seats are used, which provide passengers high comfort and safety, and the youngest ones with an unprecedented visibility during the flight.
BALLOON EXPEDITION is an unquestionable innovation leader. On board their balloons are held, among others, concerts, weddings or parachute jumps, and as they themselves like the say, the imagination is the only limit. So, you can be sure that they will surprise you again by setting new trends in the balloon world.