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The Pecka Playing Landscape

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Sdružení cestovního ruchu a propagace Pece pod Sněžkou, z.s.
542 21 Pec pod Sněžkou 230
E-mail: propagace@pecpodsnezkou.cz


Pec pod Sněžkou 230


The Pecka Playing Landscape combines learning about nature, an experience with architecture and fantasy play at an altitude of 1062 m a.s.l. This unique collection of interactive wooden sculptures and objects on the motifs of Krkonose fauna offers a monumental meeting with the animals that live in the highest Czech mountains. You can put your head in a lynx’s mouth, take a ride seated in a deer’s antlers, challenge rampant ants or climb up to a stork’s nest – it can be educational as well as entertaining. The Landscape is open to all hikers, adventurers and wanderers who are willing to take on a small family adventure. Enter a meadow and forest livened up with huge salamanders, lynx, vipers and red deer. The signs and boards will help you to conquer them. Those adventurers who don’t want to read too long should try to climb the animal right away, and then they will see. Children or adults, no one will get lost in this Landscape.