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The Japanese Garden

Contact Brzozowe Wzgórze 8b
58-563 Przesieka
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Przesieka, Brzozowe Wzgórze 8b


The Japanese Garden is a one-of-a-kind place. It is not only a beautiful Japanese garden, but also a piece of real Japan. It was composed according to the Japanese garden art and feng shui philosophy. A walk through the garden will show you the beauty of the nature of the Karkonosze Mountains encapsulated in characteristic Japanese compositions, creeks and waterfalls. In the open-air Siruwia garden, you can discover and admire the art of bonsai (bon - flat tray, sai-plant). Miniature bonsai trees created by the hand of the masters resemble a fragment of a landscape enchanted in a small pot.
Our museum is dedicated to Japanese culture and history and offer a permanent exhibition entitled ‘Samurai - the Knight of Old Japan’.
Thanks to the combination of modernity and tradition, a tour of Little Japan is a fascinating adventure, providing plenty of new experiences and attractions. Samurai, geishas, the Japanese garden, bonsai trees, real Japanese green tea or ikebana are terms familiar to everyone.
The diversity of Little Japan is enormous and getting to know it is a never-ending adventure.
Of course, even the youngest explorers will find something for themselves here. A modern playground is unrivalled in combining carefree play with the development of children's fitness. It is the latest attraction of the Japanese garden of Siruwia. The ten-metre high slides will satisfy even the most picky little ones, and their parents will have a moment to taste real Japanese green tea served in the café.
Little Japan: welcome to take a journey that will be full of family happiness and will remain in your memories for a long time. LAB ASSISTANT’S HERBAL CORNER - a new attraction for tourists based on the region's traditions of gathering and use of Karkonosze herbs. We offer a series of workshops devoted to nature, environment, and especially to herbalism, which is so characteristic of our region. The classes on herbalism and botany are designed to suit children and teenagers of different ages. The form of classes will be appropriately selected for the age and expectations of the participants.
The workshop programme consists of three parts, the first theoretical part, combined with a multimedia presentation of general nature, will demonstrate the basics of plant biology and environment protection. The second part has the form of practical classes conducted in the orangery. The third part includes classes with the use of microscopes and a visualizer, because we will examine samples and plant material found during our walk.
Alternatively, using our collection of dried herbs, participants will learn about the principles governing herbalism, make herbal mixtures in the form of teas or spices.