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The Krkonose Tree Crowns Trail

Contact No need to book, the Tree Trail is open all year round except for Christmas Eve.

Stezka korunami stromů Krkonoše, s.r.o.
The Krkonose Tree Crowns Trail
Krkonošská 350
Janské Lázně
Zdeněk Pop
E-mail: marketing@stezkakrkonose.cz
Telefon: +420 601 089 033


Krkonošská 350


The Tree Crowns Trail can be seen at the centre of the large forests of the Krkonossky National Park at the foot of Cerna hora mountain and is barrier-free. It will show you the unique sides of the Krkonose’s nature. You will learn about the local forests from the roots to their crowns and become part of the forest life, recognising many animals and plants that can’t be seen elsewhere. The trail, more than 1500 m long, will take you through a forest rich in species and will give you a lot of new facts and surprises.

You will certainly be taken by the view from the 45 m high tower, which will bring you closer to the mighty trees, some of which are more than 150 years old. You can also visit the unique educational centre under the wooden viewing tower, which presents the systems of intertwining roots of the trees. If you prefer studying on your own, you can take advantage of a number of information tablets on the horizontal causeway.