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G&B Beads

Contact Take a tour of the G&B Bead Factory and the Museum of Bead Production.

G&B beads, s.r.o.
Janovská 132/39
466 04 Jablonec nad Nisou

Bookings must be made in advance at info@gbbeads.cz or by calling +420 483 317 929.
www.gbbeads.cz; www.muzeumkoralku.cz; www.gbkoralky.cz
E-mail: info@gbbeads.cz
Telefon: +420 483 317 929


Janovská 132/39


G&B beads, s.r.o., is one of the largest producers of glass beads in the Czech Republic. It mainly specialises in the development of new shapes and combinations of colours for an assortment of fire-polished beads, which were taken up as models by, among other, the world-famous Swarovski. The company works with the world's leading designers and brands and was selected for a prestigious project called Hand Made Dreams, which aims to revive awareness of Czech fashion jewellery and emphasise its diversity. Attendance at many world exhibitions and fashion shows presents fashion jewellery from Jablonec all around the world. Alongside the shop, you can visit a unique museum on the history of bead making, which tells of the long tradition and the experience of master glassmakers. The company also offers tours of its production areas and creative bead workshops for children and adults alike.