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Julia Crystal Glassworks

Contact ul. Kryształowa 73,
58-573 Piechowice

Tourists can admire the manual process of producing glass masterpieces up close and participate in workshops where they learn the secrets of glass art.
Workshops on request. Gallery and company stores.
E-mail: turystyka@hutajulia.com


ul. Kryształowa 73


Huta Julia (Julia Crystal Glassworks) is one of the few crystal glass manufacturers in Poland that still exist today. It produces hand-formed and ground products which it distributes domestically and in the markets all over the world.
Huta Julia stands out from other manufacturers because of its traditional manufacturing technique and a wide range of offered products. Some of them are decorated according to 19th century design, but there are also very modern products in the contemporary style.
The products of Huta Julia are sold using wholesale and retail networks, and the Internet. The products of Huta Julia have been exhibited at domestic (Amberiff, Vitrel, Ooh Festival of Marketing, Sacral, Sacroexpo) and foreign fairs (Ambiente Frankfurt).
Its collections have also been awarded prizes in numerous competitions, including that at MUST HAVE selected by Łódź Design Festival 2016.
The historical factory is located in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains, in Piechowice near Szklarska Poręba. It is open to visitors. Tourists can admire the manual process of production of glass masterpieces and participate in workshops during which they uncover the secrets of glass art.
During the tour, you can also get acquainted with the extremely interesting history of the Julia Crystal Glass Works in Piechowice. Guided tours of the Glassworks. Workshops by appointment. Gallery and company shops.