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Contact Glassworks tour, glass made with your own hands and breath, unique glass garden.

Jiří Pačinek
Kunratice u Cvikova 147
471 55 Kunratice u Cvikova
Česká republika

You can arrange a tour of the glassworks by calling +420 608 404 986 or by e-mail: david@pacinekglass.com.

The glass garden is accessible all year round, without prior arrangement and without admission fee.
E-mail: info@pacinekglass.com
Telefon: +420 774 636 376


Kunratice u Cvikova 147


Pačinek Glass, the glassworks run by Jiří Pačinek, one of the most significant contemporary glassmakers in the Czech Republic and at an international level, can be found in Kunratice u Cvikova. There, in the heart of the Crystal Valley, the region with the highest concentration and the greatest tradition of glass production in Bohemia, in Europe and in the world, visitors can see with their own eyes for the first time a glowing glass furnace and the work of master glassmakers. The glassmakers will become their teachers for a while and together they can try blowing into a pipe, shaping hot glass with glass tools and creating their very own glass product.

And if for any reason the visitor cannot come to the glassworks to see the glass furnace, the glassmaker and the glass can come to him. After all, Pačinek Glass has a unique mobile glass furnace, with which glassmakers are able to come and work virtually anywhere that has electricity, a little water and a paved flat space of at least 4 x 4 metres.

Kunratice u Cvikova is also the place to go to visit the unique Crystal Garden - a place where glass plants with exotic names, such as Herba crystallus, Serpenta multichroma, Columna ledum or Kunraticia lucida, grow all year round.