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Karel Sobotka

Contact Sentence on the printed map: Handmade blown glass figurines, typical of Železný Brod.
You can arrange a visit by phone on +420 606 127 236 or by e-mail at sobotka.figurky@seznam.cz.

Karel Sobotka
Těpeře 64, Železný Brod
E-mail: sobotka.figurky@seznam.cz
Telefon: +420 606 127 236


Těpeře 64


This master glassmaker, who breathes the form and shape of the fragile beauty of Bohemian glass, has become a rare phenomenon in today's world of technology. He lives in the small village of Těpeře near Železný Brod, famous for the production of glass figurines. He trained under the guidance of experienced specialists and has been involved in this work for more than 40 years now. The experience and skills acquired in the field are reflected in his work. Each figurine has its own charm, telling of the relationship and the glassmaking craft of its creator. All work is handmade; no moulds are used and everything is blown at the burner from Czech-made glass tubes. Mr. Sobotka was presented with the Tradesman of the Year Award in 2013 and is permitted to use the protected Czech Product trademark and the Bohemian Paradise Regional Product trademark. Watching him working at the flame of the burner might give you the impression that you could master the art yourself, but try and you will find that you lack the skills you need. Visiting the workshop or a demonstration will only convince you of the masterful art of Mr. Sobotka.