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Korálky z údolí

Contact Make for the valley of beads to discover the craft of glassmaking, the production of bead decorations and fashion jewellery.
You can arrange to visit the company and the creative workshop by calling +420 603 990 010 or by e-mail at jmkoral@seznam.cz.

Korálky z údolí - JM Koral, s.r.o.
Andrea Macháčková
Bratříkov 69
468 21 Bratříkov
Česká Republika
E-mail: jmkoral@seznam.cz
Telefon: +420 603 990 010


Bratříkov 69


JM Koral is a family company which decided to continue the tradition of manufacturing pressed and cut glass beads back in 1993. These beads were produced in pressing shops, small buildings with a typical chimney, giving this region its special character. A great many pressing shops were active in the Jablonec and Želenobrodsko regions at the beginning of the 20th century, 46 of them in Bratříkov, and it was here that our grandfathers and great-grandfathers pressed glass beads. The company shop offers a large selection of beads of different colours and shapes, Christmas decorations, fashion jewellery and hobby sets. Visitors can make bracelets, stars or cherubs in our creative workshop using the materials of their choice. They can also learn about the production process used by the company and see how pressed beads are refined by cutting in a small cutting shop. It is also possible to see the work of the glass pressers, subject to prior arrangement.