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Leśna Huta - Leśna glassworks

Contact ul. Kołłątaja 2
58-580 Szklarska Poręba
E-mail: lesnahuta1@wp.pl


Szklarska Poręba, ul. Kołłątaja 2


Leśna huta (Leśna glassworks) manufactures hand-formed tinted glass. There is also a gallery and a shop. Glass-forming shows and workshops by appointment.
Thanks to its rich deposits of quartz and large amounts of wood in the Karkonosze forests, Szklarska Poręba has long been a centre of glass-making. The first glassworks were established in today's Lower Szklarska Poręba, at Szklarski Potok (Szklarski Creek) in the middle of the 14th century.
Today, the centuries-old tradition of glass manufacturing in this town is preserved by master Henryk Łubkowski, who, with the help of his family, runs Leśna Huta. In the factory, you can uncover how hand-formed tinted glass is made. You can watch the production of various glass forms - from decorative ones to vases and table glassware. The workers use old tools and moulds which give the products an additional value of craftsmanship perfection. The material used is mainly broken glass with the addition of glass sand.