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Oliva Glass

Contact Oliva Glassmaking Studio – a family company making works of art from glass.

Hrubá Horka 90
46822 Železný Brod
tel: +420 604 441 960

You can arrange a visit by phone on +420 606 406 844.
https://oliva-glass.com; eshop@oliva-glass.com
E-mail: olival@volny.cz |
Telefon: +420 606 406 844


Hrubá Horka 90


Working with glass is always a great experience. It is a battle with chemistry, technology and the play of light and shade as well as with the diversity of various materials. It allows one to go deep into the special world of various techniques and create a unique piece of work. That’s the testament of all members of the Oliva family, who founded the Oliva Glassmaking Studio in 1991 in the small village of Hruba Horka, near Zelezny Brod. This family company creates works of art with glass. They create glass jewellery, objects and mosaic. Originally this was an inspiration drawn from discovering old technologies and techniques and later the manufacture of copies of historical glass. Their enthusiasm for their work can be felt everywhere in their workshops, giving you the chance to understand their specific ways of making free art. It is the result of their experience and reflects their love for glass and the glassmaking craft. Visitors can meet them and see their studios, the gallery of their work and also the garden built according to the rules of Japanese culture with small pools, bonsai and glass artefacts. You will also see the goldsmith workshop, plaster mould workshop and can try glass cutting. The Oliva family have been linked to glass for three generations now.