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Glass Factory

Contact Radzimowice 3
59-420 Radzimowice

ENGRAVING AND GALLERY straight from the 19th century.
E-mail: kontakt@szklanamanufaktura.pl
Telefon: +48 883 286 737


Radzimowice 3


Glass Factory – Engraving studio from the 19th century

Experience what an engraving studio, which has been using engraving machines, unchanged in their design since the 19th century, looks like. The studio is located in an ancient building where the atmosphere of an old engraving workshop is preserved. The interior is dominated by wood, stone and Klein brick ceilings. Hundreds of small tools, that are useful every day, enhance the atmosphere of this place. Engravings are created using old, historical machines and techniques that were developed by perfected for years ancient masters. Their knowledge and experience have been transferred from father to son.
Today, at Manufaktura, three generations are making sure that the fine art of engraving is still alive. Combining forms and shapes using a diamond wheel and techniques unheard of elsewhere, they create unique works of art appreciated by art fans and collectors not only in Poland. Each work is signed personally by the artists, Konstanty or Marcin Zieliński.