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Nadechni se

Contact “Nadechni se” Creative Workshop

You can arrange a visit all year round by phone on +420 725 536 531, by E-mail or Facebook. The workshop is open from Tuesdays to Fridays from 2pm to 5pm.

Dana Augustová
Malá Úpa – Galerie Celnice
E-mail: dana@danaaugustova.cz
Telefon: +420 725 536 531


Horní Malá Úpa 100


The creative workshop of Dana Augustova, located in the new Celnice Gallery in Horni Mala Upa, will show you the manufacture of round beads, the enamelling of metal cups and also a glass beads workshop, where you can make your own jewellery. Each round bead is an original artefact. They are in fact the most expensive type of glass beads. They are made by spinning hot glass on a burner on a non-corroding rod covered in kaolin, when the glass quickly turns into a round shape due to gravity. Other ways to shape hot glass are by using moulds, pinchers and other glassmaking tools. They are decorated for instance with crushed glass or various patterns, flowers, dots or animals painted on them with strands.

In this creative workshop you can make your own necklace, bracelet, pendant (for your backpack, for instance), earrings, rings, angels or an original enamelled cup.