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Izerski Pszczelnik

Contact Smolnik 54
59-820 Leśna
Telefon: +48 600 579 527


Leśna, Smolnik 54


Izerski Pszczelnik – honey and bee products, herbal honeys, herbal and honey and fruit and honey syrups, jams, workshops on beekeeping and nature. The Izerski Pszczelnik apiary farm is a medium-sized apiary and an in-house processing plant operating as part of the Agricultural Retail Network. It runs a modern wandering apiary. The core of its activity is bee breeding with the main purpose of producing honey. The apiary produces high quality honeys, such as rapeseed honey, honeydew-nectar honey of the forest type, multiflowered spring, lime, buckwheat or goldenrod honeys. It also specializes in the production of herbal honeys - high quality herbal preparations created by feeding specially composed preparations of herbal syrups to the bees. The farm offers lavender herbal honey with blueberry, melissa honey with orange or mint, and lemon herbal honey. The herbal honeys offered by the apiary have ranked firsts in industrial competitions for local and organic products several times. Other products include high quality propolis and wax.
The bees are under constant veterinary control and the honeys are tested in specialized laboratories for the presence of substances harmful to health, including heavy metals.
In addition to bee products, the farm also produces traditional, home-made preserves: honey-based jams, herbal and honey syrups, and fruit and honey syrups. Among the preserves, you will find hawthorn syrup with rapeseed honey, mint and lemon syrup with goldenrod honey, fruit or elderberry blossom syrup with lime honey, young pine shoots syrup with lime honey, strawberry and honey syrup, quince marmalade, forest blackberry jam, rose fruit or petal jam with strawberry and honey. All products are 100% natural, free of artificial preservatives or thickening agents (gelling agents). The farm uses old, traditional processing techniques and recipes. All the raw materials used in the production come exclusively from the wilderness of Leśna and Jizera Foothills, from own crops or from small local suppliers.
Izerski Pszczelnik organizes workshops on nature and beekeeping for various groups of participants, mainly pre-school and school-age children. They are an opportunity to share knowledge, experience and above all, passion with others. The workshops are conducted by a psychologist with many years of experience in teaching and coaching. The workshops have won a silver laurel in the competition for a local product of the Municipality of Leśna in 2019 in the category of services.
Izerski Pszczelnik is also involved in activities supporting environment protection and protection of bees and beekeeping in Poland through cooperation with the Upper Lusatian Association of Beekeepers in Zgorzelec, of which they are an active member.