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Kowalowe Skały - organic farm

Contact Wrzeszczyn 25a
58-508 Jelenia Góra
E-mail: kowalruschil@gmail.com


 Jelenia Góra, Wrzeszczyn 25a


Kowalowe Skały is an organic farm where you can buy the farm’s own meat products and handicraft products from sheep wool. The farm also offers workshops. It is one of the 80 model farms in Poland. The farm belongs to the nationwide network of EDUCATIONAL FARMS created jointly by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture.
Since 2008, the owners have been running a proprietary programme of organic art workshops under the name FLUFFY ANIMALS, during which participants learn about organic methods of breeding heather sheep and about different applications their wool, e.g. for wet felting. This place also provides you with the opportunity of contact with animals, it is attractively located (there are hiking and cycling trails, dam lakes with hydroelectric power plants, multi-hectare space for physical activity, a fairy-tale educational path). The owners have over 20 years of experience as tourist guides.