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Na Mariánské stráni

Contact Na Mariánské stráni, Terra Mater s.r.o.
Learn how to bake bread and make your own form from ceramic clay.
Arrange to visit the bakery by phone on +420 602 165 096 (possible after 1 pm) or by sending an e-mail to sarka@terra-mater.cz.

Mgr. Šárka Nemešová, managing director, course instructor and baker
Terra Mater, s.r.o.
Dolní Oldřiš č. ev. 3,
464 01 Bulovka

Opening hours of the bakery in Dolní Oldřiš
Monday to Friday 8.00-13.00
Opening hours of the “Pekárna Poezie” bakery in Frýdlant
Tuesday to Friday 13.00-17.00.
E-mail: sarka@terra-mater.cz
Telefon: +420 602 165 096


Dolní Oldřiš č. ev. 3


A bakery where you can not only take a look, but try your hand at baking too. Here you can take a one-day experience course dedicated to acquiring important skills in the making and baking of sourdough bread and other pastries in a wood-fired bread oven. The bakery holds six eager adult bakers or a family with a larger number of youngsters. You then take the bread you make yourself home with you from the course, to be enjoyed by you, your family and your dearest friends. The course is suitable for individuals and families with children. Ceramic forms for baking rye bread can be ordered or created in a course dedicated to their production.

When I moved from city to village in 2011, I knew that my life here should be linked to the landscape and the people living there. My great-grandfather was a miller and baker from the Krkonoše Mountains and although myself an intellectual from the city, I decided to follow in the family tradition and build the Marianská bakery next to a half-timbered house that I bought in the small village of Dolní Oldřiš, learning to bake great bread and other pastries in a traditional wood-fired oven. Today we have our own shop in Frýdlant and are preparing to open a fruit and herb drying plant, where the produce is traditionally dried on trays in a space heated by wood. We will also soon be opening a museum of local herbs in a half-timbered house.