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Pasieka Juliusza - Juliusz's apiary

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58-562 Zachełmie k. Jeleniej Góry
E-mail: kontakt@pasiekajuliusza.pl


Zachełmie 49


Pasieka Juliusza - Juliusz's apiary - 50 years of tradition, bee products, beekeeping, soap-making workshops and apitherapy. Genuine mountain honey from forest areas, produced in an apiary following the principles of natural beekeeping - without chemicals, drugs or antibiotics, in pure mountain nature. Bee pollen and propolis are also available on special order.
What is the life of bees like? How is a beehive organized? How to distinguish drones from worker bees? What does honey in wax combs look like? How do bees reproduce and how do they prepare for the winter? You can easily find answers to these and many other questions in an apiary.
The apiary offers workshops of natural soap-making using herbs, flowers, natural oils and genuine soap lye.
Apitherapy is the latest proposal of Juliusz’s Apiary. In a special little house for apitherapy, there are couches under which bee colonies live, separated from humans by a safe mesh. The mesh allows for free circulation of air coming out of the hives. High temperature (25-40 degrees) and high air humidity create a favourable microclimate inside the house, free of viruses, bacteria, microorganisms and pathogenic fungi. The sound of almost half a million bees, the smell of propolis, pollen and nectar will make you relax in seconds.