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Siedlisko Pstrąga - Fish farm

Contact Mysłakowice
ul. Łąkowa 4/1
E-mail: biuro@siedliskopstraga.pl


Mysłakowice ul. Łąkowa 4/1


Siedlisko Pstrąga - fish farm, fishing lake and sale of trout, MEGA Fish Park, restaurant, product of the year: marinated trout. The Trout Farm invites all those interested, both advanced anglers and beginners, (with their own tackle) to the main fishing lake...
Main lake (float fishing), you can catch carp, perch and pike.
Our guests can hire our rods (their number is limited).
We also offer a trout pond, especially for more advanced fly anglers, however, due to unfavourable weather conditions, angling may sometimes be restricted.
Fishing fees:
- Main lake: 20 PLN a rod for the whole day

- trout fishery - information on request in the restaurant.
Mysłakowice, ul. Łąkowa 4/1; tel. +48 794 71 75 75, +48 605 598 712, biuro@siedliskopstraga.pl, https://www.siedliskopstraga.pl/