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Contact The production of spirits and soft drinks from local fruit.

A visit can be arranged by calling +420 483 332 711 or by e-mail at info@stylebohemia.cz.

Opening times:
Monday - Friday 8:00 – 11:30, 12:30- 16:00

Zásada 207
468 25 Zásada
E-mail: info@stylebohemia.cz
Telefon: +420 483 332 711


Zásada 207


This former glass yard, where Balatka schnapps and Bohemia 12 liqueurs are now created, has been a family business since the very beginning. The Balatka family from Zásada breathed life into it back in 1994, first by producing decorative glass and table drinking sets. Then in 2005 it began thinking about how to fill bottles and glasses of interesting shapes and started making fruit schnapps and liqueurs using its own recipes. This guaranteed that the aroma and taste of good fruit, taken mainly from the unique natural location that is Bohemian Paradise, were preserved to the full. The result is that each distilled drop carries the taste of juicy, fragrant fruit. Style Bohemia will transform plums and other high-quality ripe fruit from your garden into an excellent schnapps, for you to savour whenever you please. In addition to spirits, Style Bohemia also sells fruit juices and interesting gift items. The products made by the Balatka family build on traditional glass production in our region, in combination with processing the rich local fruit crop. Visit the plant to find out plenty of interesting facts about the technology of their production.