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Szkółka na Zakwasie - Nursery on Sourdough

Contact Nagórze 24
59-600 Lwówek Śląski
E-mail: zoska495@gmail.com
Telefon: +48 787 500 036


Lwówek Śląsk, Nagórze 24


Szkółka na Zakwasie - a house from the 18th century, an agritourism farm, home-made bread from a wood-fired oven, workshops. Why the name ‘Nursery on Sourdough’? For the last 12 years, the owners of a traditional Lusatian house have been baking bread, running bread-making workshops for children and adults, as well as offering catering, pizza from a wood-fired oven, a room to rent for meetings, other workshops, games and accommodation. The farm grows vegetables and fruits and it runs an apiary. Good relations with local farmers allow the farm to satisfy the palates of guests. The guests can also taste and buy organic products and homemade bread baked by the housekeeper in a wood-fired oven, built by the owner himself (a recognized stove-fitter, by the way). Near the homestead there is a horse trail by the name of ‘the Prussian Dragons’.
Sometimes the farm’s friend, Zosia of the village of Nagórze, teaches sourdough bread baking. Each participant of the workshop receives a portion of bread sourdough, baking recipes, and good food. One of the culinary attractions is pizza from our wood-fired oven.
Zosia is a former member of the Lower Silesia Slow Food movement, winner of many culinary competitions, who has baked many different types of breads for years.