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Bee farm Smržov

Contact Come and see the work of the beekeeper, spend one day among the bees under the supervision of a beekeeper, and maybe find a new hobby. You can arrange a visit at T: +420 777 822 227.

Včelí farma Smržov
Smržov 60
463 43 Český Dub
E-mail: vcelysmrzov@gmail.com
Telefon: +420 777 822 227


Smržov 60


We would like to show you how hardworking our bees are, how we beekeeping and where we beekeeping. We will invite you to a tour of our farm and show you how to beekeeper.

Smržov Bee Farm is located in the picturesque countryside of Podjestedi between Cesky Dub and Osecna. Beekeeping is still a hobby for us, but we still try to work at the level of professional beekeepers.

I got to beekeeping a little by the way and, in fact, a little unplanned. Many years have passed since the first contacts with bees, long ago "in the last century" by the great-uncle in Moravia. When a tractor growled under our windows in 2008 and in the morning we found a crumbling caravan with three colonies on an adjacent meadow, none of us had any idea how the bees would speak to us ...

We breed colonies in attachment hives located on both permanent and nomadic habitats. The attachment system allows us to naturally manage the breeding of strong colonies, nomadic allows us to make full use of the breeding source and, if necessary, to transport the colonies to pollinate agricultural products. The bee colonies are located predominantly in forest habitats at an altitude of 250 m to 600 m around Český Dub.
Beekeeping in combined hives on frame measures 39x 27,5 - 39x24 - 39x14 cm. Since 2014, we have also used a frame measure 39 * 34.7 cm in the brood in combination with honey cakes 39 * 24 or 39 * 14 cm. Our knowledge so far convinces us that it will be the way to the future.