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Zielony Wulkan - the Green Volcano

Contact Rzeszówek 33
59-540 Świerzawa
E-mail: kontakt@ielonywulkan.pl
Telefon: +48 693476994


Świerzawa, Rzeszówek 33


Zielony Wulkan (the Green Volcano)- natural herbal teas and cosmetics, handicraft, educational workshops. The Green Volcano is a professional educational laboratory at the end of the world, in the heart of the Geopark of the Extinct Volcano Land, where you will learn the power of nature. It is run by two herbalists – herbal therapists, Marta and Maciej Zawieruch, with over fifteen years of experience in running workshops for children and adults. At the workshops, they teach how to make preparations with healing, cosmetic or cleaning properties based on ingredients from the natural world. Most of them are collected in the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills, and the workshops are enhanced with interactive forms of education suitable for the age of participants. Every year, about 4,000 people attend these workshops. Zielony Wulkan is a certified Educational Farm (one of 38 in Lower Silesia), holding the Certificate of Quality of the Geopark of the Extinct Volcano Land. Each year, Marta and Maciek collect about 150 kg of herbs from which they make extracts or dry them for their courses. They also make herbal teas, preserves, and natural cosmetics. They have a collection of laboratory glassware, mainly containers for ointments and creams, vials, bottles, old herbal equipment, alembics, and a rich library of herbal literature. They are always improving and developing the Green Volcano to suit the educational needs of children and adults.