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ZOD Brniště Agricultural Farm

Contact Learn about the farming craft in the charming foothills of the Lusatian Mountains.

Please contact us in advance if you want to explore modern-day, large-scale agricultural production in the Czech Republic. Poultry breeding is not open to the public due to strict veterinary and hygiene regulations, but group tours of other operations and of the ecocentre can be arranged by phone on +420 487 850 132 or by e-mail at info@zodbrniste.cz.

ZOD Brniště a.s.
Jáchymov 1, Brniště, PSČ 471 29
E-mail: info@zodbrniste.cz
Telefon: +420 487 850 132


Jáchymov 1, Brniště, PSČ 471 29


The picturesque landscape of the Lusatian Mountains has become an important farming centre for the ZOD Brniště agricultural enterprise. This is an exemplary farmer that strives to preserve the beauty of the rural landscape while at the same time encouraging the younger generation to love and be responsible for the environment. It runs a top-class dairy breed of seven hundred Holstein dairy cows and is a renowned breeder of turkeys, the meat from which is processed as cold cuts, sausages and other specialties. It also built Ekocentrum Brniště, where children learn to understand nature and about how people should be considerate to and responsible for the landscape in which we live. This ecocentre is home to an interactive exhibition on the role of humans in the agricultural landscape. The team at the ecocentre is also preparing to open a new visitor centre with an exhibition on Life in the Village in the Past. Various trails that reveal the beauties of the local countryside have also been created, together with the municipality of Brniště, such as the Water Sprite Trail, the Sculptures in the Rocks trail and riding trails. The enterprise successfully engages in agricultural and food production and is also an important driving force in the development of the area. You can buy its turkey products in Brniště itself and from one of twenty company shops (www.krutimaso.cz) in the Liberec and Ústí regions, as well as in Prague, Central Bohemia, the Semily area and the Hradec Králové region. The turkey farm in Brniště is the largest in the Czech Republic.