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The Time Gates

Contact ul. Chełmońskiego 3
58-508 Jelenia Góra

Open all year round 10-17.
E-mail: biuro@timegates.pl
Telefon: +48 602 171 469


Jelenia Góra, ul. Chełmońskiego 3


The Time Gates – Bramy Czasu – The mystery of the largest underground system in the Karkonosze Mountains. The Tesla coil, history and legends of Lower Silesia. Shows of the Crazy Scientist!
The Time Gates is a complex of tunnels and spaces that are hidden under the Kosciuszko Hill in Jelenia Góra. Discover the secret of the largest underground system in the Karkonosze Mountains. Embark on an unforgettable journey that combines unique elements of adventure, history, science and legends.
The Time Gates tunnels are the only place where you can travel in time. Join us on a 300-year journey into the history of Lower Silesia. Meet the Mountain Spirit, listen to magical legends and learn about the amazing history of the Karkonosze Mountains.
Only here will you see one of the largest Tesla transformers in Poland and you will understand that you do not need instruments to make music. Watch and listen to a lightning concert!
Take part in a Show of the Crazy Scientist! Experience an interactive and engaging lesson in chemistry and physics. Find out what Polish professors Zygmunt Wróblewski and Karol Olszewski hid in Dewar's flasks in 1883.
The Time Gates – The Time Gates is a unique attraction for everyone and an incredible adventure for the whole family.