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Podgórze Mine

Contact ul. Podgórze
58-530 Kowary

You can bring your dog with you.
E-mail: kopalniapodgorze@gmail.com


Kowary, ul. Podgórze


Kopalnia Podgórze - Podgórze Mine - Underground Tour. Podgórze Mine in Kowary is the second largest uranium mine in Poland. The tour runs along drift 19a, which was established in the 1950s. It is one of the most interesting and beautiful facilities in Kowary. Uranium ore was extracted until 1958, while in the period 1974-1989, a radon inhalation room was established, the only one in Poland and one of the four worldwide, where patients of the spa resort in Cieplice can take advantage of underground inhalations of the noble gas radon.
Walking along the trail, we learn about the history of mining in Kowary and the Karkonosze Mountains, stretching from beginning of the 12th century until the times of uranium ore mining.
Our offer includes a tour of the tourist route, sightseeing tours combined with an extreme walk, sightseeing tours combined with treasure hunting, the deepest dive site where the diving record in Poland was beaten, the biggest exhibition of uranium glass and many other attractions.
You can bring your dog with you.