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Kowary drifts

Contact Jelenia Struga Medical SPA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Podgórz 55
58-530 Kowary

open throughout the year
E-mail: marketing@jeleniastruga.pl
Telefon: +48 75 752 84 58


Kowary, ul. Podgórze 55


Sztolnie Kowary – Kowary drifts – A 1,200 m underground tour exhibiting the extraction of minerals, iron, silver and uranium ores. An all-year attraction PTT Sztolnie Kowary (Kowary drifts)
It is an attraction catering to the needs of visitors of all ages.
To meet their needs, the route was designed to be a vivid illustration of the guide's interesting story about some threads of Kowary's mining history and the practical application of the raw materials extracted here. Many exhibitions allow you not only to see, but also to hear and touch the presented problems.
Let’s start!
You visit the mine in the company of a guide, who will tell you an attractive story, enhanced by the unusual sounds of dormant rocks. Stunning exhibits emerge in the dimmed lamplight. The unique, slightly gloomy atmosphere makes one quickly forget about the outside world. All that matters now is the cool, humid interior of the mountain - and even a somehow uncomfortable helmet does not prevent you from becoming part of the life of a miner once working here. Although nowadays, it is one of the safest facilities of its kind in Poland, one cannot help feeling as if every corridor you walk along hid a story full of uncertainty and mystery. The route is very humid, and the temperature is about 8 degrees Celsius, so it is worth taking warm clothes.
Multimedia show?!
There is a professionally directed laser show produced exclusively for the drift, combined with sound and visual effects, during which we will not only see, but also hear about the atomic bomb detonation over Hiroshima. Radon relaxation and a sip of health ...
Sightseeing is not the only attraction of Kowary drift. Those interested in the healing properties of radon and AOX water can take advantage of the offer called Medical. Among other things, radon-rich inhalations are offered here. A sip of AOX water, called Potencjałka, is an obligatory point of a visit to Kowary drift. Thanks to its hydrogen content, it inactivates free radicals and therefore has a positive effect on our health.

Your own Mine ...
For organized groups, special integration programs have been designed: ‘The Walloon Treasure Hunting’ is the best sightseeing tour with humour for children and adults.