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Glider Mountain Airport

Contact ul. Łomnicka-Lotnisko
58-500 Jelenia Góra
Jeżów Sudecki
Góra Szybowcowa
E-mail: aeroklubjeleniogorski@gmail.com
Telefon: +48 75 75 26 020


Jelenia Góra, ul. Łomnicka – Lotnisko/letiště, Jeżów Sudecki


Airport; Glider Mountain Airport: Jelenia Góra Aeroclub, former Jeżów Gliding School, aviation school and a club with traditions since 1946. The Aeroclub of Jelenia Góra was founded on 27 January 1946. It operates both at the airport in Jelenia Góra and at the Glider Mountain Airport in Jeżów Sudecki, thus cultivating the tradition and memory of ‘Jeżów’ Glider School.
For years, it has owed its name, known in the aviation circles as the ‘Diamond Mine’, to the so called Karkonosze wave experienced in Jelenia Góra valley, which allows pilots from all over the world to soar to altitudes of 5,000 m and more, and thus, obtain the diamond height badge. The Aeroclub is an association of pilots and fans of aviation, it is also a place of meetings and rest, as well as one of various cultural and sporting events. We welcome pilots from all over the world.
 We invite you to visit us, especially those who like to look at the sky or to have their heads in the clouds.