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Contact ul. Nadrzeczna 10
59-850 Świeradów Zdrój

E-mail: monikawka@wp.pl
Telefon: +48 661 266 328


ul. Nadrzeczna 10


CeraMonic is a small ceramic studio founded by Monika Wieteska Polok in the town of Świeradów-Zdrój. It is surrounded by beautiful nature, things, and thoughts. CeraMonic is about handicrafts made from an addiction to aesthetic experiences. Running the studio and creative work is Monika's main occupation. The place was born out of an obsession with clay, and the need to develop on her own terms, by offering ceramics for daily use and decorative items, original jewellery and soap made of good and natural materials. Everything is hand-made with great attention to detail. The studio has a gallery with ceramic works. It also offers art therapy, it is a venue for independent workshops for children and adults. Conducted with good energy, the workshops provide an opportunity for inspiration and free creative expression, they develop, among other things, skills to make items of clay, they teach you modelling and shaping techniques, making things on a potter's wheel, or decorating ceramics using various techniques. The studio offers beautiful glazes and various types of clay, which, as a natural raw material, is environmentally friendly and clean, useful tools, a potter's wheel and, of course, a kiln for firing small ‘big’ things for ‘beginner ceramists’, fans and enthusiasts. Above all, the CeraMonic studio gives you joy by creating positive emotions during your creative experiences because, for the studio, every form is good.