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Ceramika Elżbieta Telatyńska

Contact Dobków 14
59-540 Świerzawa
E-mail: artela@wp.pl
Telefon: +48 575 779 885


Dobków 14


Ceramika Elżbieta Telatyńska.- ceramic art - studio and gallery of original hand-made ceramic products. Elżbieta Telatynska is still looking for new opportunities to translate her life experience into art. Since 2000, she has been a leading figure of the art scene in Warsaw and is gaining increasing recognition all over the world.
She is constantly changing her approach to art and its interpretation, while improving her style. She has no respect for imitation and spares no effort to avoid repetition in her work.
She says of herself:
‘I am fascinated by clay and its properties. Working with this material gives you unlimited possibilities, although it can often surprise in the process of production and firing. This unpredictability becomes an incentive to experiment with form and colour. Ceramics is my passion. I love making things of clay, and out of this love, I create unique figurines of angels and animals, everyday vessels in which nature is ‘enchanted’ forever since I press plants into clay. Just as nature is unique, the patterns it leaves in clay are unique and very original. All my works are hand-crafted by cutting out slices of clay without using a potter's wheel."