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Galeria Ptasznik Karkonoski

Contact Osiedle Huty 15
Szklarska Poręba
E-mail: maciej.wokan@gmail.com
Telefon: + 48 697 220 422


Osiedle Huty 15


Galeria Ptasznik Karkonoski – gallery of local sculptor Maciej Wokan. Sculptor Maciej Wokan has been creating in stone, metal and wood, he needs a petrol saw, a pneumatic hammer and a diamond blade to work. As a child, he discovered his artistic flair. He has always liked to draw and sketch. He graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts and started looking for work. While attending open-air workshop at Dariusz Milinski's, he decided that sculpting was what he enjoyed most.
Maciej rarely uses a chisel. Most often, he uses a petrol saw. This allows him to create large sculptures. Many of them have to be created in the open air.
- When I do some work for a customer, I know in advance what shape to give the wood. But when I create for myself, the shape of the wood tells me what I can get out of it - says Maciej.  
He says that it is best to work with deciduous wood, such as linden. Coniferous wood is trickier, it can be dangerous for both the saw and the creator. Working on a sculpture for a customer takes about a week, he spends more time on his own works.
Szklarska Poręba, Osiedle Huty 15; phone: + 48 697 220 422; maciej.wokan@gmail.com; http://wokan.art/t/