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Grzegorz Pawłowski. Sculpture

Contact https://www.facebook.com/stosrzezb

ul. Armii Krajowej 26
Szklarska Poręba
E-mail: stosrzezb@gmail.com
Telefon: +48 602 421 787


ul. Armii Krajowej 26


Grzegorz Pawłowski. Sculpture - exhibition and sale of sculptures, works to order. Works of metal, stone and wood. GRZEGORZ SIWY PAWŁOWSKI has been searching for peculiar shapes in nature since his childhood. Life in the mountains has always inspired him. With time, the game of associations turned into actions.
Creating forms from stone and wood came naturally. These are the raw materials that have always surrounded him. After a while, he switched over to metal. In 2009, he built his studio, which has become bigger over the years, enabling him to create larger forms. One of them is a 7-meter ‘Rzepiór’ (Rübezahl) welded from steel, who settled down in Karpacz, and many other large-sized sculptures made of wood, metal and rock. Grzegorz Pawłowski also likes to create machines from the world of fantasy (BathtubeChooper, Mandragora root harvesting machine, Submarine). Most of these works are scattered across Poland and Europe. After a couple of years, Grzegorz Pawłowski search his mind and heart and found inspiration to create the first series of sculptures entitled ‘The Truth of Matter’. The opening of this series took place in Gent, Belgium, in the Vlask Gallery. The exhibition has also travelled around Poland. The form of ‘The Truth of Matter’ was partly influenced by street theatres, where the sculptor performed in the past. The sculptures reflect theatrical gestures from pantomime. Above all, however, the main motif of the exhibition is the desire to show the objectivity of matter in confrontation with the subjective human view of the world. This theme was discovered while he was creating forms, when the shapes of natural matter inspired various associations, then allowing him to subjectively influence their composition. The work on the exhibition was for the sculptor a kind of dialogue with matter during which he discovered that it was the only real form in the universe. “The rest is our subjective opinion.’ In addition to the unique works of art, the studio also creates applied art: gates, wickets and fences of various types. The materials are metal, wood and stone. The stones can carry a company logo, the street or city name and be of any size.
Furniture made of steel and wood to the order. Tables, benches, cabinets and others. Rusted sheet metal for walls, decorative metal bas-reliefs, railings and stairs.
Statuettes in stone, metal and wood. Szklarska Poręba, ul. Armii Krajowej 26; Phone: +48 602 421 787 stosrzezb@gmail.com; https://www.grzegorzpawlowski.info/