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Ewelina Wójtowicz's studio

Contact ul. Robotnicza 9
58-533 Bukowiec
E-mail: evelinawojtowicz@gmail.com
Telefon: +48 533 595 627


ul. Robotnicza 9


Pracownia Eweliny Wójtowicz – Ewelina Wójtowicz's studio - ceramics, workshop graphics and photography, art education. In her work, Ewelina Wójtowicz has been exploring the co-existence of space and art, and then, this experience as a whole. The element of open space has been integral to all the places where she has lived, worked and studied and has also been a continuous inspiration in her art practice of ceramics, glass, photography and print. Her biggest inspirations come from how we build our individual and collective identity of space between the present moment and memories as well as from the nature and its primary purity. In experimenting with space, layers of allegories and their composition, her work draws the line between time and space through narrative, form and display. In her work she has been exploring the direction of new expressions and dialogue within ceramics and surrounding, working with all different aspects and feelings of space between form, its layers and meanings. She has been exploring the tactile qualities that can be captured in ceramics and within its display in the space. Clay is the catalyst in her search for expressions of the sublime in our surrounding and life with layers of allegories and tactile qualities that can be developed in the ceramic form. What she has observed seems like a journey through history of art looking for experience of timeless beauty where all the limitations of our perception dissolve within the experience of art.

Currently, her art practice is focused on combining the ceramic medium with new technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping. She is very interested in the dialogue between the digital environment and ceramics and sees this part of her practice as a continuation of her previous projects in ceramics and print, exploring all the different aspects of the journey between layers of form and meanings. While working with images, she approaches them with the potential to develop the forms, patterns and textures in ceramics and other materials.