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Contact Papyrea handmade paper mill - a family factory in a picturesque corner of the Ještěd ridge.

Call or write in advance to arrange a visit. The tour tells of the history of production, after which visitors can make their own paper.

Handmade paper mill Papyrea
Zdislava 87, 463 53, okr. Liberec
tel. +420 602 423 186
E-mail: papyrea@rucni-papirna.cz
Telefon: +420 607 600 854


Česká republika
Zdislava 87, 463 53, okr. Liberec


Paper has become an important human need and was made by hand until the beginning of the 19th century, this technology having been maintained in the production of quality types of paper. The only producer of handmade paper in the Liberec region is found at a family workshop in Zdislava. Here they present production according to the historical process of drawing on to a sieve. Original materials are used here - flax, hemp, cotton, jute, sisal and paper mulberry – as well as less conventional ones, such as elephant and horse droppings. The resulting paper is used for wedding invitations, diplomas, certificates, bookbinding and light fittings. Paper-maker Michal Gorec gained experience at the Tut Neyar handmade paper mill in Israel back in 1999 and now applies his knowledge from that placement to the production process, for example in the production of mulberry bast paper, which is characteristic of Japan. A visit to the small workshop here provides an uncommon experience in the era of electronic conveniences.