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Wool processing

Contact Soňa Anna-Marie Fišerová – Spinning wave processing

You can arrange a visit by phone (+420 774 585 904) or by e-mail sofi.anna.marie@seznam.cz.

Zpracování vlny na kolovratu Soňa Anna-Marie Fišerová
Poniklá 111
512 41 Poniklá
E-mail: sofi.anna.marie@seznam.cz
Telefon: +420 774 585 904


Poniklá 111


She started the wave Sona as soon as she met her husband, because throwing the wave came to her pity. She began spinning and gradually learned a lot about spinning wheels and history. It is constantly expanding its collection of spinning wheels and organizes courses “On the Wave” - how to get from the sheep to the finished product. Handmade wool is one of the oldest human skills. Fabrics were made by people from the early Stone Age and woolen fabrics were dressed by ancient Romans and Greeks. Despite the machine spinning of wool, the original wool spinning has been preserved. Mrs. Soňa.Anna-Marie Fišerová has several types of spinning wheels on which she weaves wool from sheep, which she breeds around the house in Poniklá. Wool washes, weaves, but also from this wool knits. They will acquaint you with the processing of wool, various types of old spinning wheels, but also modern ones and you will try the work of spinning wool.